The Start-UP Company

Our Offer

Our offer to you is simple and clear. We do understand that your budget is not very high for our kind of work. But you will understand  that your company will have a better change in becoming a success with the knowledge and skills we bring you.

We are not the invoice per hour type of company. We like calculable costs, fixed budgets , continuity and long term vision.

Our offer to you:

Financing, seed capital, second round financing and exit: We will work on a success fee base for this kind of work.

Commissioner, Management Consultancy: We will agree on a fixed consultancy fee of € 2.500 a month for a predefined period. For this fee, the knowledge of us is available within your company and we will be there to help you achieve your business objectives.

Hands on help developing the business plan or execution of the company: We will offer you a fixed price after an intake meeting. This offer may be financial or based on sweat equity or a combination of them. To your wishes.