The Start-UP Company

Our Vision

When starting up a new company, most entrepreneurs do not have a clear vision in how to build up a strong basis for the time the business shows a success. Finance, IT, executive business plan and long term strategy is something that is not set-up as solid as it should. High level consultants who are able to help build a strong basis for the company are not affordable in this business stage.

And then, if the idea turns out to be good, the company turns out to be a success and the growing phase or second round capital is entered, lots of problems are faced. Problems which could have been avoided if somebody had helped you build a stronger company base in the start-up and Greenfield stage. Problems which even may turn out to be a stumbling block in entering the next life stage of the company.

Our partners are able to help you avoid these pitfalls when building up your company. And we are able to help you grow you business into a to a successful company.