The Start-UP Company

The Start-Up

The Start-Up company focuses at helping entrepreneurs during the first years of the company. Our partners are very experienced high level management consultants for new business building, marketing, IT and finance. We have a hands on approach and are able to help you build a solid business out of your idea.  We have been there, understand this business stage vey well and are able to help within your budgetary limits.

Start-Up: You do have a good business idea, but you do need help to bring this to the market? In that case we are their for you.

Seed capital: You do know how to execute your idea into a new company, but you need money to do so? In that case we are willing to help find that money for you.

Boardroom consultancy: Of course a start-up does not have a board yet, but still it would be very helpful to have some kind of advisory board. We are able to give you boardroom level consultancy and hands-on help to build your business so that it will also survive if it turns out to be a success.